Hey you! I’m Lazy’s vain twin brother.
I love attention and prefer stylish, elegant environments. I’m Classy

Ø: 44cm |h: 27cm


In contrast to his twin brother, the Classy is very fond of his surroundings. He has an impeccable sense of style. He loves chic environments and therefore, classy occasions call for a different outfit. His helical waves create a fancy contrasting effect that seesaws between open and closed structure and varies between light and dark. The Classy is vain. He loves to be the center of attention and is the life of the party. Does this sound familiar?


design by thinkpaper

The Kraftlights bring back a fresh new breeze over the rare ‘’Easy Edge Cardboard Lamps’’ by the famous Architect Frank O. Gehry (1960).

Kraftlights are composed to complement your decor with their warm, intimate and elegant radiants. Each Kraftlight is environmentally friendly, social responsible and skillfully made using only professional techniques. This allows us to create a refined pattern bringing a persistent magical effect to every space, surrounding and occasion. With over fifteen models, various shapes and sizes reaching up to two meters, Kraftlights will bring your interior to a higher level.


pendant lamp

Size Ø: 44cm | h: 27cm
For prices contact our Think Paper studio

Responsibly designed and made in Holland

High quality corrugated cardboard with a varying spiral pattern

Brown-(gold) outfit with an unique varying black touch

Environmentally responsible | professional handmade quality

Type lighting
Decorative and reading light. The Classy models provide a generous amount of up, down and lateral lighting

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            Need a bigger Classy?

            We are able to customize a Classy to your own measurements. Contact us at our Think Paper studio in Maastricht and we will make your wildest dreams come true! E:


detailing / technical

Two meter standard –  black or linen fabric cord (longer cords are available for an additional charge)

Powder-coated ceiling canopy matching with fabric cord (black or white)

E27 metal isolated socket | 1x MAX 40W

Input Voltage
220-240V ~50Hz (Europe standard) | compatible with (dimmable) incandescent, compact fluorescent or LED bulbs of energy classes A++, A+, A, B, C, D & E (EU No 874/2012)

Yes, the fixtures are dimmable, but only compatible with dimmable light sources
All models are delivered without lightsource

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            Kraftlight series – Castle the Hoogenweerth Maastricht, Netherlands 2015 – Photography by Avanti Media, Modelwork by Francesco Pino