Binky 290


My name is Binky, small in size but powerful in radiation. Not only am I beautiful, I’m very tough, kind, charming and thoughtful. The perfect one to bring home and meet your parents. Women love me and I love them. Like a chiwawa, women love to bring me to different places and show me off to all of their friends. With me you are in good company while sitting on a couch, reading your favorite novel. Or you can hang me above a bar, because most of the magical nights start with a drink or two. Hang me next to your mirror so I can light up and show you just how beautiful you are. Everywhere I am, I bring lots of light and romance. I might be the smallest of the family, but I am certainly the most charming one! I know it, now I just need you to know it.

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Product Description

Size Ø: 29cm | h: 31cm
Price € 179 incl. 21% VAT incl. light source

Responsibly designed and made in Holland

High quality corrugated cardboard with a varying spiral pattern

Brown-(gold) outfit with an unique varying black touch

Environmentally responsible | professional handmade quality

Type lighting
Decorative lighting. The Binky models provide a smooth amount of up, down and lateral lighting


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