Classy 640


In contrast to his twin brother, the Classy is very fond of his surroundings. He has an impeccable sense of style. He loves chic environments and therefore, classy occasions call for a different outfit. His helical waves create a fancy contrasting effect that seesaws between open and closed structure and varies between light and dark. The Classy is vain. He loves to be the center of attention and is the life of the party. Does this sound familiar?

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Product Description

Size Ø: 64cm | h: 41cm
Price € 599 incl. 21% VAT incl. light source

Responsibly designed and made in Holland

High quality corrugated cardboard with a varying spiral pattern

Brown-(gold) outfit with an unique varying black touch

Environmentally responsible | professional handmade quality

Type lighting
Decorative and reading light. The Classy models provide a generous amount of up, down and lateral lighting


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