Your promotiontool folded into just one squaremeter.


design by thinkpaper

Specials are more than just objects. The specials are spectaculair ideas translated into exclusive custom made products or objects inspired by our passion for beauty and materials. We love to create new things and try to work directly with clients to create unique designs. Most of our specials exist out of spectaculair pavilions, interiors, high-end stands, custom shaped lights and objects. Discover some of our specialties and let us know what your wildest dreams are!


Foldable promotiontool

Planning to market your business at a trade show, event or even in your own shop, but regular stands or renovations are too expensive? Think Paper has the solution, your own sustainable, light-weight, trendy and low-priced promotional tool, the Squaremeterstand.

The Squaremeterstand is packed in two transportable suitcases.
Size traveling: h: 80cm | w: 80cm | d: 25cm
Size in use h: 220cm | b: 220cm | d: 220cm  Price on request

Why should you have the Squaremeterstand?

1. This stand is yours. You don’t have to rent an expensive stand anymore, this time you buy your stand once and use it multiple times.
2. Light weight, compact, all-in-one promotiontool. Chairs, working tables, promotion column, meeting place, exhibition space, all fold out of only two suitcases.
3. Build within fifteen minutes, easy when you are short in time.
4. Create your own Squaremeterstand by customizing it with your own branding, texture or color.
5. The environment loves you. The Squaremeterstand is 100% renewable, 100% recyclable, 100% re-useable, 100% PAPER.

Responsibly designed and made in Holland

High quality honeycomb cardboard with a strong top layer | provided with a sustainable printed and laminated coat

Top layers: Printable/customizable top layers Edges: Brown with an unique pattern

Environmentally responsible | professional handmade quality

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detailing / technical

1. Two transportable suitcases
Size one suitcase: h: 80cm | w: 80cm | d: 25cm
2. Two printable info blocks (promotion column) Size one info block: h: 73cm | w: 73cm | d:73cm
3. Four printable table blocks
Size one table block: h: 73cm | w: 73cm | d:73cm
4. Four printable stools
Size one stool: h: 38cm | w: 38cm | d:38cm
5. Four way multiple socket
6. Assembly instructions

It’s your promotional tool! We need your ideas and wishes! The Squaremeterstand is standardly delivered in a neutral white color. We are able to create your own Squaremeterstand by customizing the outside with your branding, texture and color. Therefore we need your graphics in high resolution. Contact us at our Think Paper studio in Maastricht for more info: E: info@thinkpaper.nl.

Build properties
The Squaremeterstand has an unique and strong fold- and clicksystem. Through its special folding method and so called pin-hole connections, this object is easily and quickly build. For more information about the system and assembly instructions see the button DOWNLOAD MANUAL below.

Light but strong
The Squaremeterstand is light-weight and incredibly strong. The seats are dutiable up to 300 kilograms.

The Squaremeterstand is standardly deliverd with a white four way multiple socket with two meter long cable for charging your electrical devices like your laptop, Ipad or phone | 220-240V ~50Hz (Europe standard).

The Squaremeterstand is non-toxic and fire retardant treated according to fire class B1, DIN 4102-1,05/98.

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            Squaremeterstand – Gut. die Messe Bochum, Germany 2014 – Photography by Avanti Media Group